We're all human

Yet around the world we see minority groups being discriminated, demonised, dehumanised, their rights eroded – paving the way to mass atrocities.


This isn't a new story. It's predictable.

It's also preventable.

We spend far more time and resources responding to crises rather than preventing them… We need a whole new approach... For me, prevention is not merely a priority, but the priority.

– Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General 2017

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That's our Mission.

To take years of learning from research and experience  to prevent this story from playing out, and to action this through:


on human rights, countering hate speech and prevention strategies


with local organisations in fragile countries to strengthen capacities and resilience for long-term prevention


further methodologies for prevention and monitoring in

at risk countries

It's a big undertaking.

But the rewards are even bigger.

So every bit of support we receive has the potential for huge impact.

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