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Countering Identity-based Violence


As we iterated at the Minority Rights
forum in 2021: “Genocide is a process, not an
event. The holocaust did not start with the
gas chambers, it started with hate speech”
(words of Sheri Rosenberg).

Our approach to countering identity
violence includes countering the steps to
genocide. Our
Guide to Hate Violations in
International Law,
launched in January
2021, provides a legal analysis of human
rights violations that are based on a hate or
bias motivation, starting with incitement to
discrimination, hatred or hostility through to
the commission of the ultimate hate crime:


The virtual Launch of the Guide involved
a panel of speakers chaired by Judge Silvia
Fernández de Gurmendi, former President
of the International Criminal Court.

Preventing Conflict-related Sexual Violence

lady speaking out (1)_edited.jpg

In collaboration with a range of partners
in Sudan and South Sudan we have been working with survivors of
conflict related sexual violence (CRSV) to address cultures of tolerance
and put impunity higher up on policy agendas, supporting transitional justice processes that can provide reparation for victims.

In South Sudan the concept of CRSV was not known or talked about previously, and survivors of
CRSV were invisible. Both are now frequently mentioned by policy makers and influencers and survivors have established their own national advocacy platform. They have
engaged with ministers and are influencing future laws about reparations.

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