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Victims' Rights Paper on the Law to Establish the South Sudan Truth Commission (CTRH

September 2022

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Report: Can we prevent the spread
of renewed atrocities?

May 2022

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A Citizen’s Hand-Book on Understanding

May 2022

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Country Briefing on Reparations for CRSV
in South Sudan

30 March 2022

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Learning from Youth as Peace Builders

5 November 2021

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Write for Peace
The Storybook

22 February 2021


Submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues

              30 November 2020

Case Studies Incitement cover page_edited_edited.png

Comparative Study on Incitement Laws in the UK, Colombia, India, Kenya and Rwanda

SOAS Human Rights Law Clinic

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Survivors Statement on the establishment
of the CTRH in South Sudan

June 2022

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HRC50 - Civil Society Letter
Regarding SUDAN

19 May 2022

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South Sudan: Survivors speak on the impact of Conflict Related Sexual Violence

March 2022

UPDATED 14th Forum on Minority Issues RfP Statement_edited.jpg

Submission to UN 14th Forum on Minority Issues

2 December 2021

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Joint Submission to South Sudan's Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

15 July 2021


Preventing and Punishing the Steps to Genocide - Live Event

26 January 2021

Rights for Peace Oral Statement to be de

Oral Statement Delivered at the UN Forum on Minority Issues

19 November 2020

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Pictorial Guide: Public Consultations on the Establishment of the CTRH

May 2022


Study on the Status of and Opportunities for Reparations for Survivors of CRSV

30 March 2022

Outcome Doc image.png

"Survivors Speak" Conference:
Key Outcomes and Priorities

22-24 September 2021

Discrimination & Hate Speech Fuel Violence in Sudan 13 May 2021_Page_01.jpg

Countering Hate Speech &

Discrimination in Sudan

12 March 2021

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A Guide to Hate Violations in International Law

15 January 2021

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Input to UNHRC for its General Comment on the Right to Peaceful Assembly

March 2020

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