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Learning from Youth as Peace Builders

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This report was developed in the context of the Youth Counter Hate-Speech & Identity Based Violence in South Sudan Project, or Youth Counter IBV Project, led by SSYPADO and Rights for Peace from September 2019 to July 2022 and funded by UK Aid Direct, Jo Cox Memorial Strengthening Grants (JCMG). This report shares lessons learned to amplify effective strategies and messages from the project. The project focus was:


  • To provide training to youth leaders and strengthen capacities to identify steps to mitigate and reverse cycles of hatred and violence in their communities.   

  • To encourage youth leaders to take ownership of peacebuilding and reconciliation initiatives at community levels.  

  • To support and amplify youth-led peace building initiatives countering hate speech and identity violence in their communities.

  • To bolster the capacity of SSYPADO and South Sudanese youth networks to generate similar initiatives in the future. 

The Youth Counter IBV Project used a peacebuilding and human rights education to strengthen personal understandings and experiences around identity, equality, discrimination, prejudice, hate speech, stereotyping, scapegoating and dehumanisation - with a gender specific focus.

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