Survivor-led advocacy

"Is War Loot a Right?"

Contrary to local perceptions in many conflict zones: War loot is not a right. It is a war crime. Justice and reparations for victims are rights.

Survivors' need support to advocate for their rights. They need support to  address cultures of violence. In particular they need support to address deeply rooted  gender biases that accept sexual violence, which, when coupled with notions of war loot, lead to mass sexual violence.


Accountability should provide justice to victims, deter further crimes and contribute to long-term peace building.


Survivors, and in particular survivors of Conflict Related Sexual Violence, are stigmatised and voiceless. The most important stakeholders to peace and justice are outsiders.


RfP supports survivor-led advocacy to build strong coalitions in favour of peace and justice. RfP stands to ensure that justice is meted out in a manner that maximises deterrent potential, empowering survivors to advocate for their rights in the process.

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