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Survivor-led advocacy

"Is War Loot a Right?"

South Sudan: human rights training & advocacy.
A caller once asked me "Is War Loot a Right"  on a radio show.
It made me realise how much work there is to do.

Survivors are sometimes surprised to discover that:


  • War loot is not a right: it is a war crime.

  • They have a right to justice for rape, "forced marriage" and other forms of conflict related sexual violence (CRSV).

  • Justice does not mean having to marry the perpetrator.

  • Justice and reparations for victims are "rights".

By supporting survivors to advocate for their rights, we can help them be the drivers of change.


Restoring survivors' dignity and status is not just their right, it is fundamental for building societies where such violence is not repeated.


Justice is bigger than a trial.


It is not a box ticking exercise. It gives effect to victims' right to effective remedies, maximizes deterrent potential and ensures non-recurrence.

"Rights for peace" are: Truth, Justice and Reparation (which includes guarantees of non-repetition).

In South Sudan we are working with local organisations, strengthening capacities of survivors of sexual violence to advocate for their rights to justice and reparation. Read more.

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