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Mass Atrocities are Preventable

"Atrocity crimes take place on a large scale, and are not spontaneous or isolated events; they are processes, with histories, precursors and triggering factors which, combined, enable their commission."
- Ban Ki-Moon, Foreword to Framework  of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes, 2014

What is Atrocity Prevention?

Atrocity prevention refers to strategies aimed at preventing large scale human rights violations and atrocity crimes such as genocide, war crimes, and against humanity. These are often committed along identity-lines, fuelled by propaganda and radical ideologies that demonise and dehumanise 'other' groups as the enemy.


Prevention strategies include addressing root causes of divisions, drawing attention to triggers and patterns as well as strengthening resilience and countering hate. Strengthening the deterrence of justice mechanisms so that these favour peace-building rather than division, including  and enabling reparations that guarantee non-repetition is also key.

Reasons to Prevent?
Preserving Human Life

At its core, atrocity prevention aims to reduce loss of life and avoid widespread human rights abuses and killings.





Protecting Vulnerable People & Communities

Atrocity prevention protects some of the most vulnerable groups in society, such as women, children and ethnic minorities. These group are often the target of

identity violence.

Stability & Security

Atrocity prevention helps reinforce state sovereignty, as well as ensure greater national and regional stability.

The cost of doing nothing is huge

While much humanitarian action is focused on crisis response, investment in atrocity prevention provides a greater opportunity for economic growth and stability at a lower cost.

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Our Approach to Atrocity Prevention


Rights for Peace works to prevent the steps that lead to genocide that start with prejudice, stereotyping, blame, demonising and dehumanisation of 'other' groups, often fueled by hate speech, propaganda, disinformation and radical ideologies.


This includes the monitoring and countering of hate speech, discrimination and risk factors, as well as our work around justice for victims, creating awareness and a healthy environment for accountability, truth and justice.

Latest Updates

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