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#BeatTheBlues with Rights for Peace!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

It's cold, it's dark and let's face it - we've all had enough of lockdowns and Covid-10. That's why Rights For Peace is asking you to #BeatTheBlues. Your challenge is simple: get sponsored to do something that lifts the spirits of you and those around you. You could do this by yourself or in a group, virtually or otherwise - use your creativity (but make sure you follow Covid-19 guidelines)! Then, help to spread your positivity far and wide by sharing your challenge on social media using the hashtag #BeatTheBlues.

Rights for Peace is planning a sponsored Cycle: Cycle to the Source, cycling from London (Windsor) to the source of the Themes in Gloucestershire.

Tentative date: Sunday 16 May 2021. From Windsor Train station to Near Kemble Station in Gloucestershire. Route map and other details to follow.

The possibilities are endless! (Check out previous challenges for more ideas).

The funds raised will help us to empower young activists in Sudan to combat prejudice, division and violence in their communities.

RfP Covid-19 Awareness in Adjumani refugee camp funded by our 2.6 Challenge during lockdown
#StaySafeStayUnited in refugee camps: funded 2020

What's it for?

Remember the genocide in Darfur? Identity divisions and hatred are not over in Sudan. Hate-based violence is escalating in West Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile, as well as Port Sudan, due to entrenched divisions and continued control of military structures that existed prior to Sudan’s

‘transition’. Reports of genocidal language such as “we need to clean up the black plastic bags”, referring to black (non-Arab) ethnic minority groups in these regions have been recorded in the last year, and are on the increase.

Meanwhile, years of repression have left local capacities depleted, meaning there’s a real demand for support and collaboration. Through training, mentorship, network-building and advocacy, Rights For Peace is helping to fill this gap and build resilience to hate speech and identity-based violence among a new generation of Sudanese activists. Our previous projects have shown that young people are great peace-builders and can create powerful narratives of unity if given a small chance. The current funding for our Sudan project is coming to an end, so we really need additional funds to make sure this vital work can continue while we apply for new grants.

Thanks to our supporters, we've already achieved a lot in this unusual year. Our 2.6 Challenge raised over £2400 for peace activists in Northern Uganda to run an innovative Covid-19 awareness campaign in local refugee camps. As well as dispelling dangerous myths about the virus, they spread messages of peace and harmony, helping to reduce inter-communal tensions in the camps.

We want to support more inspiring grassroots projects like this, which is why we're launching this new appeal. So please, take on the #BeatTheBlues challenge and help bring peace to divided communities in Sudan - and who knows, you might inspire positive change in your own community in the process...

Head over to our JustGiving page now!

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