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  • Mariana Goetz

"Put out Hate with Love" this winter

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

"Put out Hate with Love" is the title of the winning short story written by a 20 year old girl living in South Sudan.

Can you do the same?

In 2021 a record 100 million people fled violence and conflict - more than one every second. A new record. And that was before Ukraine. Unspeakable and widespread human rights abuses are committed in armed conflicts every day - devastating lives and diplacing communities.

Victims need your help to prevent further displacement and hold those responsible to account: justice is a key deterrent. Rights for Peace addresses the steps that lead to genocide, starting with hate speech, with a key focus on empowering survivors of conflict related sexual violents to be vocal advocates for change.

Our mission is to prevent mass atrocity crimes through the pursuit of justice and human rights. We address drivers of mass atrocities such as hate-based ideology through training and advocacy. We strengthen local capacities and resilience for long term prevention.

Up to 65% of women and girls in South Sudan have experienced physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime.

CRSV in South Sudan also affects men, boys and children, with numbers in these demographics thought to be exponentially higher than the reported cases, due to stigma, discrimination and laws against homosexuality, and the vulnerable living conditions of victims such as street children and orphans.

Learn more about our work on justice and reparations for CRSV:

read our Study on Reparations for Survivors of CRSV in South Sudan, or blogs about our activities on the ground.

Help us Prevent. Please donate now!

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